When you don’t know what to believe, you end up not believing anything. And that’s exactly the intent of people who spread disinformation.

They want you to become so confused and frustrated that you throw up your hands and curl up on the couch with a plate of nachos and a pint of ice cream.

That might be good for your mental health, but it’s a temporary fix. The long term effects are far more harmful, and not only to your stomach.

If you’re serious about creating social change, here are some suggestions:

Forget about clever memes. Forget about news stories you agree with. Forget about Facebook.

They’re comfort food. They taste good but there’s no nutritional value.

Focus on the details.  Understand the real issues below the surface. Seek out multiple sources of information and evaluate them before adopting a position on anything.

Eat your vegetables.  They might be boring, but they’ll keep you healthy.

There’s a lot not to believe right now, but there’s a lot more that needs believing in.