“Extreme” isn’t a term that applies only to terrorists, or believers at either end of the political spectrum.  It’s a defining principle of the universe.  Look at the yin/yang symbol:


Start at the bottom and move clockwise. As the light on the left side grows to occupy its extreme, the smallest point of dark on the right side begins. As the dark grows and ultimately reaches its extreme, the light begins again.

Envision this process as a rolling forward motion as opposed to a static circle repeating itself. As the Tao rolls, whenever one energy reaches its extreme, the seeds are sown for its counterpart to be born.

Here’s how this concept relates to recent events in the real world:

  • Our current president ran for office on a hardline promise that he would repeal the Affordable Care Act as quickly as possible.  It was an extreme position and he offered no alternative approach.
  • When Republican lawmakers attempted to enact legislation to fulfill that promise, their party unity fractured.  To some, the bill went too far; to others not far enough. No faction was willing to dial back its extreme demands, so the bill collapsed.
  • The resulting collapse diminished the credibility of the president, and reinforced the very opposite extreme: the Affordable Care Act that was intended to be repealed.

For those who support the ACA, these events could be interpreted as a sign of hope. By all means, take a breath and savor the moment, but be cautious about attaching to that mindset.  On this and many other issues, there’s a lot more rolling still to come.

If anything, understand that no matter how powerful you appear to be at any moment, your power is not the only force at work.  When you’ve climbed to the mountaintop it’s hard to envision the valley ahead, but its existence is inevitable.