The wall needs to be built, and fortified, and maintained.  It may be the most important wall in American history.

The wall I’m talking about is not the pipe dream barrier between the United States and Mexico.  It’s the wall of truth that separates reality from the imaginary universe our current president appears to inhabit.

With every tweet, every press conference, every interview, he attempts to establish a new reality based on his own myopic and exaggerated view.  Not only does that view rely on alternative facts, it’s inconsistent and often inhumane.

That isn’t new information to you, and it’s probably not lost on him either. But he seems to still believe that if he just keeps hammering, somehow his perspective will prevail and the entire world will accept his reality.

As long as the wall of objectively verifiable or disprovable facts holds, that reality cannot exist.

The president is right about one thing when it comes to the media.  News culture is full of self-important, self-congratulatory, and self-referential people. But they’re also experts, and their reporting can’t be labeled “fake” and dismissed simply because of their personalities.  The same is true in the White House, by the way.  If a president was getting things done that actually made a difference, people would care less if he was also an arrogant prick.

Journalists and the public need to keep building the wall of truth together, and constantly reinforcing it. Sometimes that means hard manual labor, yes.  But consider the alternative.