The question has been asked many times in recent weeks:  With an administration facing serious allegations of corruption, no discernible policy initiatives, and declining poll numbers even among their own voters, even the Republican majority members of congress are being backed into a corner.  So how come they don’t do something about it?

The answer is two things: 1) self-interest and 2) misplaced loyalty.

Self-Interest: The way our system of government has evolved since the framers created it, it’s no longer about public service to a community and its constituents (no matter how many times they blather on about that). Once elected to office, the full time job becomes keeping themselves in office, no matter what they have to say or do to achieve that.

Misplaced Loyalty: Congress for the most part is like an elegant parlor society where everyone’s in on the joke and the only loyalty is to the other members of that society. “In the best interests of my constituents” is a cute inside joke; everyone in the club understands that sometimes you need to take an unfashionable or unpopular position in the interests of preserving your public image. It’s not personal, it’s just business. One member may slam another in the press today and co-sponsor a bill with them tomorrow.  And the day after that they’ll be drinking buddies again.

If you’ve noticed that none of this has anything to do with the best interests of you, the American people, you’d be right.