Let me be really blunt.

So he politicized and offended the Boy Scouts.  Big deal.

So he banned transgender human beings from serving their country. So what?

So he did or said (fill in the blank) today.  Uh-huh, and…?

All you’ve got is outrage, righteous indignation, quotable op-eds and clever memes. And I’m sorry to say, in today’s world, none of that counts.

Here’s what does count. A meticulously researched investigation into everything that this person has touched in the last 10, 20, 30 years.  Documents, videos, witnesses who provide on-the-record sworn testimony.  Brick by brick, an irrefutable argument built so solidly that no spin doctor can undo it.

A case so airtight that when he tweets, “I never had sex with a sheep in the Oval Office! #fakenews #witchhunt #sad”, the immediate response from multiple sources at all points on the political spectrum is, “Dude, we were there.  We saw you do it.  We have the photographs.  You even signed one of them for me.”

That’s the only satisfactory end to this scenario. Everything else is a partial fix or wishful thinking.  You want him out of office? Let the special counsel and the intelligence committees investigate thoroughly.  Hold them accountable.  Be prepared to accept their findings, but also be prepared to speak up if you disagree with what they return.  The responsibility for change is on we, the American people, and no one else.

I get it.  You’re angry and you’re frustrated. The name of this blog, Cooler Heads Prevail, was chosen for moments such as this one.

Roll with the Tao as it rolls. Let the professionals do their jobs. Be patient.