It’s hard for many people to accept our current president and the current political situation in America.

But the Tao rolls the way it rolls, and human acceptance of that roll isn’t a factor.

You can’t fight it by not accepting it.  Focusing on your own desires and expectations creates stress and clouds vision.  It’s more important to stay on center and try to view the situation without judgment.

It may be difficult to hear this, but what’s happening now is necessary. Our current president and his actions are creating a barometer; a baseline against which future politicians in America will be measured.

Future candidates will run on a campaign platform of honesty and transparency, and they’ll have to demonstrate those values credibly or be called out by the public and the press.

In the future, you’ll hear more than one stump speech that sounds like this:  “Remember how the 2016 election turned out?  If you elect my opponent, that scenario will happen all over again.”

Fact checking will become more scrupulous and nothing will be taken for granted.

These are good and important things, but it seems we have to fully experience the bad times to their conclusion before we awaken collectively to how good and important they really are.

When you’re lost in the valley, it seems impossible to imagine that you will ever reach the mountaintop.  And when you’re on the peak, it’s important to remember that just one wrong step can put you back down below.