When I started Cooler Heads Prevail at the dawn of the 45 era, my mission was simple:

-Draw on my experience in mainstream media to examine the way news was reported during a time when the truth often took a back seat to hype and fantasy.
-Expose the daily distractions and ‘alternative facts’ that obscured the real answers to questions.
-Remind people to keep calm, think logically, and fight passionately and sensibly for the change they desired.

During the initial drama of the former president’s term, I articulated to the best of my ability the challenges we faced and possible ways to approach the situation and move forward. I always attempted to make the underlying message in each of my posts evergreen and applicable to a range of situations, even when the subject matter was pegged to a particular event.

As time went on, the same tired script kept emerging from the White House over and over again, just dressed up in different contexts and scenarios. Since I didn’t want to repeat myself, for about the last year of 45’s tenure, Cooler Heads went silent.

But now things are actually different. We’re on the climb out of a pandemic, we’ve elected a common-sense leader, and Washington’s not a reality TV drama anymore. It’s returning to the boring wonky procedural place it was always supposed to be, if somewhat more bitterly divided along partisan lines than before. Overall, though, I have to say that it appears cooler heads are – for the most part – prevailing.

Since there are plenty of established pundits to pontificate about procedure in our nation’s capital going forward, I’m gonna close this chapter of Cooler Heads and turn my focus here to other stuff I’m passionate about. More normal stuff that happens in a more normal world, like music, nature, human interaction, spirituality and the mysteries of existence on this planet. All previous posts will remain where they are as a document of some very turbulent times.

The new Cooler Heads mission is equally simple:

-Write about topics that interest me, applying cooler-headed philosophy to them when it’s appropriate.

It will be eclectic, and it will be fun. I hope you come along for the journey.