Again, in bold, with capitalization and periods added in between the words for emphasis: Nobody. Knows. What. Will. Happen. In. The. Election.  There is a 0% chance at this point that anyone can predict an outcome.  Stop wasting time arguing.

Stop letting your opinion be shaped by the former campaign managers, analysts and pundits you quote to prove your case.  You have no idea what strategies are at play today that will change the way things roll tomorrow.

And here’s the thing: neither do they.  Sure, the “experts” have some insights and inside information, but their commentary is based on their own past experiences and is filtered through their own personal agendas.  They’re speculating about what they think will happen based on tactics that won them an election in a previous decade and whether or not they have a book to sell.

Politics back then isn’t politics now. This is an entirely different universe in which the old maxims no longer apply. To adopt a pundit’s perspective as your truth is to succumb to the same sort of confirmation bias you like to call out in your adversaries.  By repeating memes and spin, you’re not helping to elevate the discourse.  You’re just helping to muddy the water.

If the common goal is to defeat the incumbent, accept that you may have to settle for a candidate who isn’t your first choice.  And when that candidate takes office, stay engaged. Use all of the passion and energy you’re currently devoting to arguing with your Facebook friends to hold the new president accountable.  Use the power of your vote to push that president toward the programs you want enacted.

The game doesn’t end on election day.  If you believe that your vote is powerful enough to remove a president from office, it’s certainly also powerful enough to keep a new president on track.